Was the JFK Assassination a Conspiracy?

file0001704817445Perhaps one of the most controversial conspiracies in American history, the JFK Assassination has raised far more questions than answers as time continues to pass. In the 21st century it is pretty safe to assume that relying upon our governments to provide us with the untainted and unbiased truth is likely not wise. The following insight hopes to go over some of what has been said but perhaps also some issues that have never been considered before.  Despite what may be true or untrue, it will all remain a fascinating story.

What many groups of people fail to understand – no matter if they are historians, conspiracy theorists or just plain truth seekers – is that quite often it can take the future criminal actions of governments and secret organizations for us to pinpoint why specific events have taken place in the past. Today more than ever, because of the recently exposed governmental cover-ups, it should be much easier to determine why the JFK Assassination even took place. Continue reading

WikiLeaks – Do you think there’s more to it?

file0001375172707If recent history in the 21st century has taught us anything, it’s that we can no longer trust our governments to have the best interests of the people they are said to “supposedly” protect and govern justly. It seems that the lies are getting much bigger and bolder, but people are waking up to the important realities of what is truly going on.

Due to an online, non-profit, international organization like WikiLeaks that has risked much to get secret documentation (from anonymous sources) out to the public, we can now have a better understanding of what government policy data and records exist as well as what they do not want us to know. But is WikiLeaks the last frontier platform of confidentially leaked information? What many do not yet realize is that WikiLeaks has now forever changed the way news is encountered and circulated. Continue reading

Did Roswell Really Happen?

file000915660233Conspiracies and conspiracy theories are certainly some of the most sought out and discussed subjects around the globe by people from all walks of life in the 21st century. With so many terrible attempts by governments to hide obvious evidence and information, you just can’t help but blame conspiracy buffs for questioning almost every news story to come out as of recently. One of the biggest stories to hit America after World War II was the Roswell UFO Incident. But did this spectacular event really occur or is it all – as the government claims – just a theory?

According to “official” reports, either in June or July of 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico a fast traveling object crash landed on a ranch during a stormy night. The owner of the ranch had apparently seen the object streaming downward through the sky and rode out soon after to discover where it may have crashed. After finding the crash site the owner contacted authorities who arrived in very quick time to seal off the area and take away all traces of evidence. However, the ranch owner was able to secretly investigate (with his family) some of the crash evidence before it was taken away. The entire incident was said to be nothing more than a U.S. Military weather or surveillance balloon that had been downed. However, due to very mysterious circumstances and eye witness accounts, even twenty years later the concept of a huge conspiracy still burned as brightly as ever. Continue reading

Is the “Greening” of the Car Industry just a Marketing Ploy?

Every day you see advertisements and announcements about new “green” cars. Electric models abound in the auto industry. Hybrids are in every manufacturer’s product line. Electric cars are popping up from all corners of the world. On the surface it looks like the car industry is on board with environmental responsibility and lessening dependence on fossil fuels. But is that really what’s going on here? What if this is a false victory for the green movement? What if this is simply the result of the manufacturers’ angle on exploiting the “green” movement for its own ends? When you look at the everyday small car and how many opt for going with a different type that the eco-friendly green car you start to think, why is that?


The “green” movement is being used as a marketing ploy. Let’s look at the evidence.

Today’s hybrids claim to be the smarter, greener, more sustainable option to traditional gasoline-fueled cars, and to an extent they are, but not much. The problem is that they are more expensive than the traditional model of the same car line, and they are much more scarce. It seems manufacturers could be producing more of these hybrid models to better meet the environmentally-conscious consumer demand, which follows that when the supply is closer to the demand the price will go down accordingly.

This is not what is currently going on here. The manufacturers seem to be creating planned shortages so they can charge a premium, often $5,000-$7,000 more, for the hybrid models. In turn, the majority of consumers who are looking for affordability are resigned to buying the traditional gasoline-fueled model, because the 5-10 MPG savings doesn’t justify the higher price of the hybrid.


The average consumer is not willing to pay that premium for the hybrid, simply for the “feel-good” factor. It doesn’t make sound financial sense. It’s much more likely that the traditional car will fulfill the buyers needs, and perhaps that’s the goal of the manufacturer anyway. Your regular family will always opt for the cheaper SUV, a car that has all the modern equipment, with the millage to go with it over the more expensive hybrid options, cars that are built not to sell?


A trend that surely benefits the oil industry.


Electric cars are truly a greener alternative to traditional-fueled cars. Unfortunately, they have their own built-in problems. Most relevant is that they are impractical for most consumers. How many people can actually get away with having a car that can only travel 80-150 miles on a charge. A long trip is out of the question. Charging facilities are few and far between. It’s as if car manufacturers don’t really want you to buy an electric car.


They provide it, sure, so they can say they are doing their part to preserve the environment and promote “green” alternatives. But the evidence seems spotty, at best.


As with hybrids, price is also a prohibitive factor in the mass adoption of electric cars for the average consumer. If a buyer can purchase a traditional fuel car at a price point $15,000 less than the electric model, when fuel savings may only be 10-15 MPG gallon, the only option that makes sense from a purely financial standpoint is to buy a traditional car. The only buyers for electric cars end up being wealthier buyers who are either buying for socially responsible reasons, or simply for the novelty.


It makes one wonder if car manufacturers are actively trying to prevent acceptance and mass adoption of electric cars?


The car industry has gone green without actually going green. The concept of hybrids and electric cars and other green cars are just marketing tricks. They work, but not to promote the electric and hybrid vehicles, but to reinforce the continued demand for traditional cars.

The truth is that we being controlled by the same big players as before but they have now gone green and joined the revolution instead of fighting it by providing false options, very smart.

Keep Your Gun, Hunting Knife And Food Ready For The Day the Dollar Collapses

Over the last six years we have seen a financial crisis such has not been seen since the early part of last century during the depression.

This commenced during the global financial crisis when world came close to the brink of financial catastrophe and has continued ever since. Despite the efforts of many governments the economy is looking worse than ever and it’s only a matter of time before there is a total financial collapse.

There’s a number of financial problems now that it never existed before. For example the derivatives market is now measured in the hundreds of trillions of dollars, and dwarfs just about every other financial market on the planet. Should there be a hiccup in the derivatives market that fact alone could send the world’s economy into a tail spin.

Debts are absolutely horrendous. This includes government debts and private debt. For instance it is now estimated that the Japanese debt equals around 250% of GDP, and the US debt is now over 100% of GDP.

The same applies to many other countries and we have already seen collapses or near collapses in countries like Greece, Cyprus and Ireland.

In response to these problems the governments of many countries, but in particular the US government, has been printing money hand over fist. Of course they don’t call it money printing, they just call it some inoffensive name like “Quantitative Easing”, but that’s just another name for money printing.

When governments get out of control and print money like there is no tomorrow that degrades the value of the currency and will eventually result in a collapse of the value of the currency. This has been observed many times over past history.

So what can you do about this?

Obviously you can’t stop it, that’s beyond any one person or, for that matter, any one government. However you can prepare yourself. Because when the collapse comes it won’t be pretty.

You will need to become self-sufficient in many things. For instance it’s very important to be self-sufficient in energy and having your own off grid solar system may well achieve this. You should be relatively self-sufficient in food which would require you to both hold large food stocks as well as have the capacity to grow your own food.

You need to have a retreat that you can go to in times of trouble, preferably in a safe location. You don’t want to be caught up in the middle of the suburbs in a serious depression.

You need to have self protection, for instance owning a good weapon is a good idea.

You need to have a basic array of tools. For instance if you’re growing your own food you need gardening tools. You need kitchen tools. I’ve just recently purchased a new hunting knife and a good quality knife sharpener, because you may well be slaughtering and butchering your own animals.

You need some form of transport that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels. There’s nothing wrong with a bicycle however any horse powered vehicle would be good.

And there’s lots more, I can’t give you a complete list however there’s many websites which go into much greater detail.

The day the dollar collapses is coming. It’s just a case of when. Be prepared.

The Internet Is Full Of Work From Home Scams

Everybody knows the Internet is full of scams. There are hundreds of cons and rip-offs online and anyone spending any time online needs to understand the risks.

Of course some areas are particularly prone to online scams and one of these is the work from home niche.

There are thousands of people who would like to work from home and who go online searching for work from home jobs or other ideas which would allow them to work at home to earn a living online.

However the reality is that whilst they may find dozens of so-called “work from home opportunities” the vast majority of these will be a scam, con or rip-off.

Of course it’s not just the work from home niche, there are many others which are filled with various scams, however most of them involve money in some way. Whether it be online gambling, dating or just about any other online niche involving money there are also bound to be scams.

So how do you know if you are being scammed?

If you’re someone who is looking for a great opportunity to work at home you need to investigate the so-called “opportunity” thoroughly to decide whether or not it is genuine, because commonly it isn’t.

For instance you can investigate the company offering the opportunity. Do a Google search to see whether or not the company is genuine or not. The Better Business Bureau, for example, will be a good place to start.

Take a look for genuine contact details and a business address. Does the company really have genuine business premises? Do they have a real address? If they do then jump onto Google Street View and take a look to see whether you can actually see the business premises at the address where they advertise?

Do they have a phone number? If so then give them a ring and have a chat about any opportunities they may have for you to work at home.

Look for reviews of the company online. See what other people are saying about them. For instance if they are offering an opportunity to work as a freelance writer what are other people, who are already working as a freelance writer for the company, saying about the opportunity?

Find forums where these people will gather online to discuss their work. If possible join the forum and join in the conversation. Ask questions to investigate little more. For instance ask people who are already working for the company what their payment history is like. How do they pay? How often do they pay? Do they do as they advertise they will?

And never ever pay a company for a job or an interview.

It’s a sad fact that there are thousands of people getting ripped off by work from home scams every day. But there are genuine opportunities to allow people to work at home, either self-employed, for example by working as a freelance writer, all working at a genuine paid job, simply doing the work at home.

However the field is so rife with scams and rip-offs that anyone looking for an opportunity to earn money from home must be extremely careful, and perform some very significant background checks on any company before signing anything.

It pays to be careful on the Internet.

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