Was the JFK Assassination a Conspiracy?

file0001704817445Perhaps one of the most controversial conspiracies in American history, the JFK Assassination has raised far more questions than answers as time continues to pass. In the 21st century it is pretty safe to assume that relying upon our governments to provide us with the untainted and unbiased truth is likely not wise. The following insight hopes to go over some of what has been said but perhaps also some issues that have never been considered before.  Despite what may be true or untrue, it will all remain a fascinating story.

What many groups of people fail to understand – no matter if they are historians, conspiracy theorists or just plain truth seekers – is that quite often it can take the future criminal actions of governments and secret organizations for us to pinpoint why specific events have taken place in the past. Today more than ever, because of the recently exposed governmental cover-ups, it should be much easier to determine why the JFK Assassination even took place. Continue reading

WikiLeaks – Do you think there’s more to it?

file0001375172707If recent history in the 21st century has taught us anything, it’s that we can no longer trust our governments to have the best interests of the people they are said to “supposedly” protect and govern justly. It seems that the lies are getting much bigger and bolder, but people are waking up to the important realities of what is truly going on.

Due to an online, non-profit, international organization like WikiLeaks that has risked much to get secret documentation (from anonymous sources) out to the public, we can now have a better understanding of what government policy data and records exist as well as what they do not want us to know. But is WikiLeaks the last frontier platform of confidentially leaked information? What many do not yet realize is that WikiLeaks has now forever changed the way news is encountered and circulated. Continue reading

Did Roswell Really Happen?

file000915660233Conspiracies and conspiracy theories are certainly some of the most sought out and discussed subjects around the globe by people from all walks of life in the 21st century. With so many terrible attempts by governments to hide obvious evidence and information, you just can’t help but blame conspiracy buffs for questioning almost every news story to come out as of recently. One of the biggest stories to hit America after World War II was the Roswell UFO Incident. But did this spectacular event really occur or is it all – as the government claims – just a theory?

According to “official” reports, either in June or July of 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico a fast traveling object crash landed on a ranch during a stormy night. The owner of the ranch had apparently seen the object streaming downward through the sky and rode out soon after to discover where it may have crashed. After finding the crash site the owner contacted authorities who arrived in very quick time to seal off the area and take away all traces of evidence. However, the ranch owner was able to secretly investigate (with his family) some of the crash evidence before it was taken away. The entire incident was said to be nothing more than a U.S. Military weather or surveillance balloon that had been downed. However, due to very mysterious circumstances and eye witness accounts, even twenty years later the concept of a huge conspiracy still burned as brightly as ever. Continue reading

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